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LVP flooring

Selecting the right Concord flooring company is easy - you're already in the right place. At Lagares Flooring, we've built our impeccable reputation on a solid foundation of quality work and materials, as well as exceptional customer service.

Flooring is an essential part of creating your dream home. If your goal is to make your space feel like a warm and inviting place, don't forget to choose the perfect floors.

Actually, even if you want a sleek, modern look, the floors that you select make a world of difference. Contact our team today and schedule a free consultation for your Concord home.

Preferred Flooring Company Taking Care of Concord Homeowners

We're proud of the name we've built for ourselves, but it stems from doing what comes naturally for us - taking exceptional care of our clients. You should always be cautious when choosing any type of professional contractor to work on or inside your home.

Your flooring specialist should, for one thing, offer a variety of material options. You can choose from:

  • LVP
  • Hardwoods
  • Laminate
  • Engineered Hardwoods

There are also factors to take into consideration when choosing a flooring contractor, such as experience. Skill is another vital trait, so make it a point to take a look at previous projects.

The company you work with should be as adept at customer service as they are flooring installation. You can feel confident that if you choose Lagares Flooring, we'll meet and exceed your expectations.

Flooring is all we do, and we're dedicated to this industry and the customers we work with. We're in the business of helping put the final touches on your home sweet home, and that's not a task we take lightly.

Concord Experts to Trust for Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Not all wood floors are created equal. Aside from the quality variations you may find from one company to another; there are other concerns.

One thing is for sure, you have a variety of attractive hardwood options available to you. One thing to decide is if you want finished or unfinished hardwood, or even laminate flooring.

Finished comes already stained and ready to be installed. So here are a few things to know about unfinished wood:

  • Stained and sealed on-site
  • Ideal for preventing water seepage between boards
  • Perfect for matching already existing flooring
  • Solution for custom stain options
  • Takes longer to complete

If this has you feeling a bit confused, don't worry, we're here to answer your questions. We'll meet with you for a free consultation and review the options that you have.

Make the smart choice and call us now for superior service from a Concord flooring company.

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